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MediaFarm Group Ltd. offers its customers an exclusive, effective marketing avenue to the best target audience in Israel – the entire body of physicians in the country

Whatever you have to offer – be it an established, well-known medication, a new drug, apparatus, service or medical conference, and even a new car, a luxurious real-estate project or an advanced financial instrument – we will find the most suitable and effective solution to ensure it reaches the entire population of Israeli physicians in the most direct, effective way.

As the group that exclusively manages all media for the Israeli Medical Association we provide a 360˚ solution in reaching the target audience in various methods, including leading medical journals in Israel, the Medical Association’s web sites, conferences, the “Doctors Only” premium club, etc. These avenues provide countless interactions between our customers and the medical practitioners, creating a range of business opportunities by communicating and exposing your activities to the Israeli physicians.

MediaFarm – All of the Doctors in the country can see you

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